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The First Independent Digital Magazine in the Tricities

Folks and Facts was created to fill a huge gap in our local media. The other media websites are all focused on the latest news, crimes , accidents,  and famous events.  Folks and Facts are focused on our people, talents, heroes, and in our region, exploring nice places to visit and bringing up curiosities and information that are not limited to a space of time, like latest news websites are. 

In fact, we are not an online newspaper, but a digital magazine, with contents based on topics that we carefully selected:  Our Talents, Kids, Heroes, People in Need, Exploring, Curiosities, Events,  and yes, some local and international most important news. 

Founder and Editor-in_Chief

With that in mind, Wallace Moura, Brazilian photographer and filmmaker, living in Bristol since 2012, founded Folks and Facts. An American version of one of the biggest digital magazines of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, in Brazil, also founded by him.

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Open doors to new journalists and media professionals and amateurs

Besides being an important source of information, Folks and Facts has the goal of working as a training laboratory for upcoming journalists in the Tricities. A place to give them opportunity to show their talents and build up their professional portfolio. We know how hard it is for beginners to find an opportunity in those big media companies. It’s frustrating. But Folks and Facts is here to help you. You’re welcome in our team. 

Readers can participate!

Maybe you’re not an aspiring journalist, but you do have an article to share. We welcome you to do so. Click on: Send us an Article

If you dont have an article ready, but just want to suggest a topic for us to explore, use our regular contact form.

A place to help local businesses, no matter if you're small.

We offer a huge diversity of options for you company to promote your services and products.  And best of all, at very affordable prices.  Besides the publicity spaces on the magazine, we also produce your advertisement material, if you need.  Graphic artwork, photography and even video commercials. And the best thing is … you’re free to use this material wherever you want, social media and other websites. 

So, there’s no more need for your company not to invest in advertisement just because the other media companies are so high priced.  Contact us now at: https://folksandfacts.com/advertise-your-company/

Why is it called INDEPENDENT ?

We want to keep Folks and Facts always independent. That means we will never be controlled by big companies or politics.  Keeping us free from those influencers will guarantee our freedom of speech. 

But we all know that being independent means we face all expenses by ourselves. So, we need your help. Donate any value, and if possible, please, make it a monthly donation.

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