Bristol has now the most advanced Media Center of the tricities

If you need a place to do your Podcast, Webconference, Voice-Over, Video Editing, etc … You need to visit the 353 Studios Media Center.  It’s a sound treated theater with multi-cameras and all the resources you need for sound and video production, either you need to record it, or make a live transmission to your social media account. 

Media Center in Bristol TN

It’s a state of the art setup that allows you to produce with high quality and save time with setups and editing. Even if you’re doing a live transmission, you can switch among 3 cameras, your laptop screen and save the results at the same time.  No post production editing is needed!!! 

The place was a very much needed resource for the tricities. We have so many talents in our area, but a professional setup for a talk show, and high quality podcast production is not a cheap investment.  So, now, our local talents can concentrate on their content production, instead of struggling with equipments, location and even the required knowledge to make it all work as it should.  The studio staff will guide and help you through your production. 

Look at some of the high end equipment available for you at the 353 Studios Media Center:

How you can you the Media Center:

To learn more about the studio and schedule a visit, click on:

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