It takes only $1.50 per day to feed a child in Uganda

Nze Maama Uganda is a non-profit organization found by Ssempala Syrus, a Christian photographer, father of 2 kids.

But in reality, he is a father to 63 children that, despite his salary of only $3 dollars per day, counts on him to have at least one meal per day. 

The orphanage has no help from the government, and depends exclusively on donations. 

Someone who shares the little he has

Last month we managed to transfer $85 dolars to the orphanage. Donations that were deposit in a paypal account and later transfered via Western Union (the country of Uganda does not allow PayPal to operate there, but it’s the best way to collect donations.) .

The amount of money for us, Americans, seemed to be so little… but not only that helped the children but also their families (not all children are orphans, but they need assistance from the orphanage to survive.) 

Look at the video of the food distribution and how much difference we can make with so little. 

Food Basket Campaign

If you want to help the orphanage, please,  donate now at:

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