Vergena Fields, actress, dies at the age of 31


Vergena Fields was an extraordinary actress, mother and a fighter against sexual abuse. This year she produced a short film called “A Sexual Assault Prevention Awareness PSA” and she was one of the main actresses schedule for a local production also about Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse, called  “Alice’s Eyes“, to be filmed in Bristol in 2022. 


Vergena’s monologue for the casting of Alice’s Eyes was so convincing that it can make us cry.   Her ability to control the emotions on her performances is beyond expectations. 

She was also a dedicated mother and a friend who would always be ready to hear you when you needed. 

Last Tuesday, sep 28th, we heard the devastating news that Vergena and her mother, Dottie Fields, 60, both died in a car crash on  US-194 near US-119 in Meta, KY.  She hit the back of a commercial vehicle. 

Her funeral arrangements has not yet been made, since her son is sick.

We will update this article as we receive more information. 

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