500 crosses are distributed in Elizabethton


The city of Elizabethton is facing legal charges from an organization out of Wisconsin named The Freedom from Religion Foundation. The three crosses were placed on Lynn Mountain in the early 1950s. But since they are standing on city owned land, they have been requested to be removed or face legal action. The foundation is acting on behalf of an unidentified person who felt uncomfortable with the crosses and filed a complaint.

As a way to show support, Hunter Memorial Baptist Church decided to distribute crosses to every citizen who wants to place one in their yard. Initially 250 crosses were made. But in 20 minutes they ran out, leaving many people returning home without one. The Church has since built 250 more that were distributed this past Saturday. The church says they will keep building crosses until everyone who wants one, gets it.

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2 thoughts on “500 crosses are distributed in Elizabethton

  1. Actually, the crosses are mentioned in an Elizabethton newspaper article as far back as 1939. (Source Location: Archives of Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library.)

  2. The Crosses have been on that mountain ever since I was a little girl.
    It all ways tells us who live out of town, we are home. And especially on a cold winter ‘s night at Christmas the lights on the Crosses leads us home. Just like the bright Star led the Shepards to the Baby Jesus ! No don’t take the Crosses down. And if people who come to our gracious city don’t like the Crosses. Then stay a way. We like our Crosses!

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