Tragedy in Brazil. 136 dead. 218 still missing.


In Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 3 hours it rained more than what’s expected for a whole month. Landslides swallowed houses. The water covered other.  Cars and even buses were dragged on the streets. Some ended up in a river.   (video bellow)

136 People are dead. 218 still missing. Many are children. In that neighborhood unprivileged people built their homes on and around hills, where the risk of landslides are extremely high. 

The amount of rain is the highest in the history of the city, registered since 1930. 

Several videos were post in the internet, like the shocking video  of buses sinking in the river and people simply disappearing in the waters. 

A lot of domestic animals are also lost in the area. Dogs looking for their owners, unaware their might be dead. Volunteers are working along the fireman searching for survivors.  Several shelters are available. It’s estimated that 400 people have lost their homes. 

Be advised. Strong images

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